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Ask the expert: HEART EDITION

As you may already know, 2012 is National Pathology Year, and this month’s theme is the heart.

Having already written a blogpost about how you can help prevent heart disease, I’m now teaming up with thoracic specialist, Dr Paul Cane, who I work with at Unilabs-IHS, to give you the opportunity to ask some of your own questions.

Do you have any burning questions about heart disease, for Dr Cane?  Maybe you’d like to know more about prevention, or maybe you’re just curious about how it is diagnosed.  Is there a particular heart condition you want to know more about or would you like to know something a little more general?  What ever the question, we want to hear from you.

You can submit your question(s) a number of ways:

 post in the comments box below

@reply on twitter to me (@dellybean) or my lab (@Histopath_IHS), using the hashtag #NPY

or email me at: della.thomas@unilabs.com

We’re taking questions all week, and Dr Cane’s answers will be published after February is through, so watch this space.

Come, get involved and celebrate National Pathology Year with us.


**[as of Friday 24th February, no more questions are being taken.  Thank you for your interest]**

I am sorry to announce that, due to unforeseen circumstances, it was not possible to complete this project.


About Della Thomas

Hello, my name is Della and I'm a Specialist Scientific Lead in histological dissection working for the NHS in England.


4 thoughts on “Ask the expert: HEART EDITION

  1. I’m really interested in Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. Dr Cane, do you come across many of these cases, and if so how important is diagnostic pathology in diagnosing the condition?

    Am I allowed 2 questions?……

    Testing for K-RAS and EGFR oncogenes are now in routine use as prognostic indicators of lung cancers. Are there any other exciting new molecules on the horizon that you think could have an impact on how we treat lung disease?

    Posted by Jason Ward | February 21, 2012, 4:45 pm
    • Thanks for your questions, Jason. Multiple questions are welcome, but we would like to keep them on topic, if possible. Your second question relates to a very interesting field of diagnostics so it would be a shame not to consider it at this time. Perhaps a short additional blogpost may be in order if Dr Cane doesn’t mind answering it. Thanks once again.

      Posted by Della | February 21, 2012, 5:33 pm
  2. Dr Cane, understanding disease pathology or making new hearts from decellularised old ones, requires more tissue/organ donations – any thoughts on how to encourage more tissue/organ donation for research?

    Posted by Karen Wright | February 24, 2012, 1:35 am

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Della Thomas

Della Thomas

Hello, my name is Della and I'm a Specialist Scientific Lead in histological dissection working for the NHS in England.

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