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Working in a histology lab means that I get to see a lot of what our body looks like under the microscope.  Quarterly I will share with you some of my photos from the microscopic world of our inner space and tell you a little bit about what we’re looking at. This quarter we’re going to take a look … Continue reading

I was diagnosed with pityriasis rosea

At the end of February, 2009, for approximately 3 weeks, I presented with itchy red scaly plaques on my abdomen and it was diagnosed as pityriasis rosea.  This was characterised by red oval-shaped spots and the presence of a larger very distinctive “herald lesion” that appeared about a week previous to the smaller spots.  This … Continue reading

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Della Thomas

Della Thomas

Hello, my name is Della and I'm a Specialist Scientific Lead in histological dissection working for the NHS in England.

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